Friday, 1 July 2011

When Time Stops

Yesterday the vacuum broke. It was old.
No vroooommmmm, merely a rancid smell of burning electrical. It’s time was up.
Later in the day I’m out with the dog and I receive a call from my cousin that my dear Uncle Len had collapsed and was in the hospital. This is the type of call that when you receive it, you drop what you are doing.
I was at the dog park so headed straight for the Emergency ward. He was in good spirits. The doctors were taking good care of him.
Then the most unusual thing happened.
I’d plugged the parking meter for three hours. Thinking I’d dwell there while I could and spend the precious time needed to provide him with all the moral support I could.
The doctor came and went. Throwing a humourous comment to the effect of, “You’re an old man, what do you expect?”
Truly, we all chuckled.
Then I went to glance at my watch for the usual time check. Habit.
The screen was completely blank. Clearly the battery had died.
Or was it the moment I was in.
When really, time stops.
When family calls.
Nothing else matters.


Amy said...

so sorry to hear about Uncle Len!!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you Amy so much.