Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Compounded Optimism

While riots flourish in London, France braces for a possible financial topple and in the Horn of Africa children struggle to survive another day. Here at home I watch. 
The future may look bleak. Or so we think. But who’s to know what tomorrow will bring.
Need to look for the bright spots. Maybe not in the weather or the stock market.
I drew Moon Dancing. One of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards.
What does it mean? This is only one sentence from page 82's meaning for Moon Dancing:

Let her moonbeam guide you on your soul path on a dark night and light the way through the deep lush forest of life.

Tonight I would like to spread this message to the world.
To everyone who finds themselves suffering or knows others that are.
I invite you to open yourselves to some compounded optimism.

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