Thursday, 11 August 2011

Muffin Tops Ride

Now I know why the geezers in the spandex sit more upright on their rolls. 
The gut gets in the way. Hard to bend over.
How to make yourself more depressed then you already are? Eat more!!!
Yup, it’s been almost three months since my accident (see Broken Wings) and I’m feeling it. The muffin tops that is.
It was me and them tonight. Felt great getting out there. Even if it was only for an hour.
Got a riding pal that does the Randonneeurs super long distance cycling and also heads out with the TripleShots - back when I could. The regular citation to me when I gleamed over being Lantern Rouge was, “The lighter you are, the faster you go...”
Can’t help that the spirits got a little damp riding the healing train. Long, painful and not done yet.
Yet to make light of the situation and the living in the now, I’m just going to have to keep inviting those muffin tops out for a ride.
Lots of them.
Muffin tops you go ride now you hear!

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