Saturday, 20 August 2011

Limited Consumption

It’s only been a week since I said bye bye to my four wheels. Already I notice a difference. 
I’m spending less. I’m also wasting less.
I buy what I can carry.
Too often in the past I’d load up on groceries for a week. How much of that got eaten? Sadly much of it ended up waste.
I’m purchasing what I need and doing what I can with less.
I’ve discovered a local butcher with hormone free meats nearby. No more long drives for my preferred choices.
So far I’m finding it easier getting around. No parking hassles. And I love riding my bike by the gas stations.
As for the dog, he’s grown used to his three walking routes.
He never much liked riding in the truck anyway.
I’ve got a backpack for a purse. A reflector for a jacket. And a helmet for a hat.
The best part?
I’m grooving on limited consumption.

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Raymond Parker said...

That's a good thing to groove on!