Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lost the Visor

Gone to two wheels. Down from four.
Figure the rollin’ in the air will save some bucks.
Help with the muffins too.
Given the price of fuel and all. Why not?
Had a conversation with someone tonight about the 80%. Meaning, 80% of the time riding in the rain with gym gear and your lunch for work is doable.
But not always fun.
Then I rattled off my living when my son was young. On the back fitted to the rattrap. Groceries strapped to both handlebars. Knapsack on back. We made it!
I had a bunch of errands to do this afternoon about town. WAY faster riding a bike. No hassles with parking. In and out, up and down.
Questionable when summer strolls through sure. Still, I’m hyped for the extra exercise I’ll get.
How many ridiculously short trips did I take in my truck when it could have been done faster on a bike? 
Too many.
The final jaunt home was into the sunset. Sporting the glasses. Made me think what I’d be doing if I was driving.
Said bye bye yesterday to my 2006 Toyota Tacoma!
Oh my, I’ve lost the visor!

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