Monday, 15 August 2011

My Big Time Out

It was dirty feet in strawberry fields. Straw bails and straw fights. Music beyond genres. Hours of it.
New age belly dancers. The e-Tipi (my name for it - everyone inside a Tipi DJ dancing). Even Burlesque.

Do a 360 and all around is positive juice.
Someone on stage said, “Young people playing young music for young audiences.”
Whoops. Except, I’m old, but young at heart?
The words Time Out weren’t in my family’s vocabulary growing up. Suppose it evolved when the baby jogger came around.
The Big Time Out has become synonymous with music and Cumberland. A funky, evolving community mid-ship on Vancouver Island.

I got a chair, luckily. Made some new friends.
Baked in the sun. Got shielded by the clouds.
Watched a guy with a kilt. Hackers (as in hacky sacks). Solo dancers and hula hoops.

Listened to some funky music. Live looping. 
It was pure soul fun. Love and respect echoed during each intermission.
Someone’s lyrics stuck with me.
“Heal each other. Feel the world.”
Super enjoyed my Big Time Out.

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