Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coding Fun

Zee finished product.
Zee coding fun!

Did Kindergarten in Web Design a few years back. Today's morning class is Interactive Media I.
Our guy Yaz is a graduate of the Electronic Media Design Program here at Langara. Some years back now. He knows his ****.
In the past class we talked x and y’s. Points. Was handed some graph paper and told to draw shapes.
Today we’re watching with light speed accuracy how to do it all in Processing.
Our turn. Starting with the one of five of our drawings from last week. The first being the easiest.
I mumble through. Occasionally reverting to my desk mate, Jaime for advise. Jacob from behind also assists.
It’s before noon and he’s already done. Yaz throws Jacob’s finished on the screen.
My jaw drops. I haven’t even got passed easy.
I persevere. I’m here to learn.
It’s after lunch now and I start to get it. The x and y are making sense.
The finished product is what I originally drew, with splashes of colour.
Holy coding fun day!

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