Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fresh Eyes

Thought I’d better take things seriously.
I’d decided to do the bike commute thing from Horseshoe Bay to school at Broadway and Ash (YVR).
Did the first ferry to get me on the streets at dark. Lesson number one: ensure light placed with zap strap is secure to said forward position so eyes can see the road.
Up ahead is what worries me on roads I haven’t travelled.
But more importantly – avoiding potholes, grates and gravel.
So I’m cautious.
What a pleasant way to start the day. The hell bent hill wakes you up. Right outa Horseshoe Bay it’s up, up.
Then a calming swervey werve through Marine Drive. Narrow but manageable.
Getting onto the Lions Gate Bridge was my first challenge. I found the Spirit Trail but didn’t quite figure it all the way to the end. I’m pumping to get to the safe side. Others scurry past me.
I’m packing the pack. Said I wouldn’t but here I am.
The roady was the only choice for that distance. I dialed in with another commuter at the end of the day and he showed me where I could hook up a rattrap and then the panniers.
Waterproof ones for sure.
These guys go year round. Snow and ice even!
I was having fear flashes going down the other side of the Lions Gate coming home. Ba bump ba bump. Speed catches up.
The commute is divided into three sections: 1. The ah ha along Marine Drive. 2. The fear of falling off the Lions Gate Bridge. 3. The I’m almost there thank goodness for bike lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge.
Still haven’t quite figured the through Stanley Park section to the Burrard and return. Have a rough idea.
I know Richards has a full bike lane. Lots of Burrard Street does too which is cool. Good green signs for directional through False Creek.
It’s so nice to see the friendly cycling lanes. Helps ya to feel safe.
Without doubt. You’ve got to be “on” when commuting by bicycle in Vancouver. Buses passing, guys gawking the other way when you’re crossing.
Only safe way is with fresh eyes.
At all times.
Riding time for me is 1.5 hours each way = 3.0 hours total.

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