Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Creative Thinking and Happy Discoveries

Liked what the teacher had to say in class today. Another Interactive Media Session.
“Show creative thinking. That’s what sets people apart. Don’t over think. Narrow it down. Make it simple. Think creative.”
I’m here to gain the skills in Electronic Media Design so I can get a better job and BE creative.
This kind of attitude thrills me.
It’s a slog though. Learning a new language. From the beginning. Kindergarten to Grade 1 - and so on.
Or in this case, inside a void set-up of a function line with a string of system variables of say; pmouseX, pmouseY, mouseX, mouseY and the } bracket to end it all off.
Elements of design are fused with colours, lines, circles and strokes. They can all meet and feed off of one another

It’s revolutionary in my world. I’m the one feeling antiquated.
Truly mind blowing. Limitless opportunities to design new horizons.
But practice, practice, practice.
Then, like what our teacher, Yaz said for what happens along the way:
“Happy discoveries.”

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