Monday, 26 September 2011

Old Versus New

Vancouver's Hudson Bay and Scotia Bank buildings.

Young versus old. Same difference.
In an era dawdled with design I tend to enjoy the observation of the dynamic contrasts. Evident in places like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.
Those are those that I know. Which I have seen.
It’s the architecture of who we are today. Looking at the buildings of design especially.
Makes we wonder though, what has driven us to evolve as we have. Like the stacking of bricks. One on top of another.
Over time, our eyes of vision change. We begin to manipulate alternative genres to lay our focus.
Tomorrow will be different to today.
Yet we often hear, history repeats itself.
“The design of history is the history of design,” by Ivan Chermayeff.
The catapult of human expression?
Old versus new. 
Take your pick. 

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