Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tuned in on Transit

It was a full house on the Skytrain to Surrey today. Two hours from Bowen Island to the King George Skytrain Station. Then a pick-up from a distant relative to the family celebration.
Wondered how long the drive would of taken given the slowdowns amongst the city centre.
As I pulled out of the Burrard Station the envelope of the city line slowly disappeared. Soon the ocean faded in the background.
As we continued the mountain ranges changed.
Again I thought about driving.
No people watching there. More stress. Stopping at lights. Waiting in line-ups.
I didn’t have to worry about any of that. All I had to heed was a place to sit and watch.
The paper had already been flipped on the bus. I tucked it under my backpack on the seat beside me for the next person.
Some people talked. A pair kissed. The senior behind them expressed his views. Eyes stern. He clearly didn’t approve.
There was the woman beside me with the broken wrist. Casted up. A bag full of art supplies. A rolled up piece of paper.
Lots of folks on their iPhones with their earphones.
I thought about listening to music. But mused instead on the ambiance of the Saturday.
Can’t imagine what it’d be like at peak times Monday to Friday. Squished in like sardines. Nowhere to sit.
A humble take on the commuter life.
I’m all tuned in on transit now!

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