Sunday, 2 October 2011

Practical Packaging

How many useless things do you buy with packaging that’s the icing on the cake? Complete and utter waste. Recycling isn’t even an option. The garbage is the only place.
Think about it.
OK, I needed the iPhone rubber shock resistant casing, but certainly not the mounds of packaging it came with so it could hang nicely on the wall.
True enough. Items need to be displayed so they can be sold. Competitively.
Sure, it’s consumerism. The way of our world.
Had a friend once who also lived on a boat. In protest of all the garbage she’d have to carry off the boat, whenever at a store like Canadian Tire or even Thrifty's for that matter - she’d spend the time at the cash desk leaving with the items she wanted and needed. The pointless stuff – rather the packaging, she conveniently for her - left behind.
Did we buy the garbage or the item within it?
After going months without a watch I finally broke down today. Along with my son we went on the search.
To my surprise I was introduced to a durable, everything I needed and wanted in a watch. The G-Shock.
I received my receipt and tucked it in my wallet immediately saying no thank you to the box that came with it.
“Mum you should take the box it comes in,” my son says to me. “It’s really neat.”

Happily I departed the store. Not just with a great watch, but with a manual neatly tucked inside something I’ve declared to be practical packaging.
I’ll be carrying my tea bags to school in my G-Shock watch tin.
Thank you very much for making a great watch with practical packaging to along with it.


Alison said...

I totally agree with both points - I am always saddened by the ridiculous amount of plastic and paper that comes to contain an item... and I love when I get packaging I can actually use!

A Fresh Thinker said...

We need more of it. As consumers we should demand it! Just sayin'...!!!