Tuesday, 4 October 2011

To Run Free

by Jane Victoria King in Illustrator
Treadmills are no fun. But in a pinch they’ll do better then nothing.
Especially if you’re not sure how long you’ll last and whether or not cement (closest option) is the best thing.
Today I got to sweat. I got to sweat! I got to sweat!
First run in four months since my accident where I really got to run. The fear of one foot in front of the other was gone.
As the salt beaded up and my headband moistened I put on the grin. Full of gratitude. Enormous amounts of gratitude.
This body can heal!
I felt for those who couldn’t do what I was doing today.
Not that I went longer than 20 minutes. But the feeling of freedom, from pain, from all inhibitions sent my heart souring with super large amounts of appreciation for my ability to run.
To run free.

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