Friday, 21 October 2011

Sad But Glad

The usual happy smiling face got sad this morning.
As I approached my trusty steed, rain and all – I wasn’t prepared for where my eyes would land.
She wasn't all in tact. 
Missing was her stem and seat.
“I loved that seat!” rolled through my mind instantaneously.
Me and that seat, we’ve gone a lot of places together. Through country roads. Busy highways. Urban centres. Sidewalks. Bike lanes. Over bridges, sometimes boulevards. Into all kinds of weather.
In Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.
Carrying my son when he was a babe. Commuting.  
We’d spent many an hour together. Even training for BC Bike Race (road).
You see, me and my Rocky Mountain Fusion, well, we’ve been partners a long time. 
Two decades in fact.
Thankfully there were two Kryptonite locks keeping her safe. One for the front wheel, and the other the back.
I rode what I could to school this morning. Locked her up as usual. She’ll have to stay parked till I can make it to a bike store for the stem and seat replacement.
For the rest of the day I was twanged with sad but then I felt the glad.
At least I still have my two wheels. 
The stem and seat were stolen at Stamps Landing outside Monks in False Creek.

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