Saturday, 26 November 2011

Boat Gals

Have a pal who keeps telling me I live like a man.
Just cause I have to row out to my boat. Run a generator for power. Fill up the fuel tank with diesel. She got me thinking.
Is this why I’ve been single for so long? Come to think of it. Ever since I’ve lived on my boat (going on eight years). I’ve been single.
We laugh. The boat is for sale. A matter of finding the right person. It’s taking some time.
Her favourite line to me of late is, “Jane, you need to get onto land so you can find yourself a man!”
So I started writing notes. A few people now have told me I should write a book on my experiences of being a female and living on a boat. In fact, not too long ago I started collaborating with another pal who also owned a wooden boat. Unfortunately she sold hers. So our Women and Wooden Boats project drifted away.
Anyway, I actually pulled out a notepad tonight to start articulating the funny anecdotes that start running through my head when I think about with being female and living on a boat.
My favourite one is when I’m in a boatyard.
You see, when you’re a woman in a boatyard, every guy has to comes over to talk to you and tell you what to do.
NEWS FLASH: I’ve done it before and I KNOW what I’m doing!
All silliness aside. I never got any response when I posted my status to Plenty of Fish as follows:
Have boat need balls.
I wonder why...


vinee said...

Oh boy i didn't know that you actually wrote about it...wonderful writing...n well for POF Statement,it sounds like a challenge in face of i don't may be they really did not have the balls haha

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thought men liked a challenge!!!