Saturday, 10 December 2011

Amazing Women In My Life

I have a godmother.
I call her Aunty Lil.
She has a beautiful soul.
Last night I went for an overnight visit. She treated me like a Queen.
It was the last day of term one of school for me. I was eager to share with her what I have been working on.
She was standing outside in the dark and the cold waiting for me. She saw my bike light.
“Janey!” she said waving me over.
The roads were frosty. I’d had to call her twice on route. The darkness confusing my sense of direction. Given I’d gotten off at the wrong Canada Line stop.
Dinner was all ready. We dove in during idle family chatter.
When the dishes were piled I opened my computer up to show off my learnings.
With every turn of a project she glowed with the excitement I felt in displaying it. 
Later, together we mused over Piers Morgan and then a TV show before bed.
I’m given my own room, my own bathroom and a comfort gift of a lovely warm scarf with a Christmas card and a holiday shopping chit.
In the morning after a long hot bath I’m again showered with a delightful meal and coffee. Constant chatter of economics and stocks, art and people.
I depart with lunch and dinner and another gift of a winter coat. Her schedule is busy. Time dictates social mustering of friends and more family. We might not see each other again before Christmas.
As I roll away I shout back over my shoulder, “I love you!”
She feels more like a sister then a godmother.
How I do love her so.


vinee said...

I am so happy that finally rested....So happy to see comforted and your aunt is amazing...very beautiful and give my wishes to her

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thanks Vinee!