Monday, 12 December 2011

Spur the Spirits of Love

Natural capital. I heard that last night during Surviving Progress.
The capital of our natural resources: trees, water, plants, etc. etc. Beaten down by Corporations.
Simplicity is modern. Although the preaching of over consumption falls to deaf ears. 
For many, it’s their belief that it's the material world that’s killing the planet. Mass production. For those that have. Not enough for those that have not.
My son asks me tonight what I want for Christmas. What I need. My response is always the same.
Make me something.
A playlist of music you know I’d like. A handwritten card.
Personally I believe passing on the love is better then anything you can buy.
Pick up the phone and call someone. 
Bake some mincemeat tarts and gingerbread cookies. Make some cranberry-orange sauce.
Help out at a soup kitchen or the Food Bank.
Invite people you don’t know over for dinner.
This holiday, spur the spirits of love.
And spread it all around.
I double dare you.

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