Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Kudos to the Teachers

Doesn’t happen overnight. Figuring out certain coding in the web world. For me anyway.
I’m pulling my hair out today. Still trying to work out the HTML5 and CSS syntaxes for a web site build. 
Thought I had it nailed till in came three images and one div, all to be lined up side by side, some padding here and there. A background colour.
No worky.
Still no worky.
Went to the bathroom.
Came back, tried again.
Got some water.
Another try. 
The mind went for a walkabout. 
Got sidetracked. Daily drama. Onto Gmail for some pinging. 
A moment of silence then the kindness of a certain teacher. 
Messaged me about another project (also coding) that I’d spent a LONG time on (also pulling my hair out on)… passed along some kudos on the work I did on my finals. 
Made me happy. Spread a grin.
I muddled on. 
Still haven’t finished.
Kudos to all my teachers though. 
I won’t give up.

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