Monday, 19 December 2011

Dang Sink

It only took eight years.
Tried really hard not to.
Made every attempt not to.
It’s just. Well, the coffee.
Problem now is. Everything on a boat, when it comes to plumbing isn’t exactly normal.
Sizes are different. Complications arise.
At this point I’m stumped.
Was told to shove the garden hose at full blast down the hatch. Wait for the explosion and then all should be good.
That’d be a mess.
I opted for the soda and vinegar.
So far no luck.
I dread the thought of trying to take things apart.
As you can see below (that’s the engine down there)… it’s a little complex.
Any other great ideas?


vinee said...

Oh boy I didn't know its gone that bad...sorry may u should get some help from somebody who knows boat plumbing...or try the sink drainers that might help

A Fresh Thinker said...

My 74 year-old mother texted me and said I should ask the experts... "Google!"