Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What My Bike Carried For Me

On the ferry!

I love my bikes. All of them.
I used to have three.
Now I’m down to two.
Bikes and boats. Well, that’s another story.
Today I took my roadie for a journey. As I’m away a week and now in gear to get some cross training and particularly some base time in (roadie squeak for easy riding…) I had to pack it all.
The road gear, the gym gear, the swim gear, the yoga gear, the running gear, the sleeping gear, the got to do the Christmas Cranberry Chutney gear, etc.
So with a backpack of computer gear (homework to do too!), thy purse, etc. I loaded her (the red bike) up.
We packed our way to the bus, then the Canada Line and another bus, then a ferry.
The dude at the ramp says to me, “You can ride to the end!”
Ha! I got a chuckle.
Too much stuff!!!
Buy hey; if I didn’t have the rattrap on the back it would have been a real schmozzle.
Looking forward to a roll in the morning.
The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer training is on!


vinee said...

Ok Girl I better get some Cranberry goodness...I mean it....and boy if you can pack all that stuff I sure you had room for me too on that bike...just kidding with ya:) Love reading your blog

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thanks for reading! Don't worry I'm make you some too.