Monday, 5 December 2011

Got MESHed

Mondays are typically busy. I head over to my part-time fun at TOIT Events first thing, for the weekly meeting of the minds. Always cheerful and engaging.
Today I bolt off as soon as I can after to attend MESH.
Had no clue what to expect. Of course I arrive late.
It’s the Salt building in the Olympic Village. Instantly I think great place to have live music and a dance.
The floor is cement and it’s cold. We’re not exactly there to move.
The conversations are on the stage. I'm listening to Stewart Butterfield talking about start-ups.
Lucky for me I pick a table with some great folks. A couple of SFU Digital Arts students and a gal that runs the Social Media, etc. etc. for CBC Vancouver. Immediately I’m engaged.
Unquestionably, everyone is talking global. With the power in our pocket. That being the mobile.
Of course we also hear how most folks are building something. A new game. An app. Product with a purpose.
The world is talking about what they’re going to buy on Facebook, before they buy it.
Leveraging the ‘Like’ to a BUY.
Link, like – love.
Creating more integrated experiences. Building social apps across all screens.
The speed of change.
Re-thinking in a social way.
Most important. To amplify your content in social spaces by creating great content.
There are so many tangents I could go out on to describe the information I heard and talked about, but really. It’s pretty much summed up in the title of the conference.
Ok, maybe I'm not sharing enough. But I am thinking maybe I should get an iPad so I can download Zite and read the New York Times there instead. Amongst other things...

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