Sunday, 4 December 2011

Where’s Your Juice?

Creativity flows when we least expect it.
Don’t think of it as lazy thinking. Like someone I know sometimes preaches.
“Let it flow. Flow...”
Had the opportunity to attend my first Creative Mornings Vancouver at the W2 Media Cafe. It was an awe-inspiring event.
Seeing, hearing, talking – creative and creativity.
Yet somewhere in the morning whilst I wrote in my notes my mind fast-forwarded. It’s all real. Because we’re allowed to.
We’re in a place where creative juice flows all around us.
Often paralleled with outside the box thinking, the artistic types live to breath what comes out of their soul.
Yet, the speaker of the month – Alex Beim of Tangible Interaction spoke a different tact.
Creative doesn’t exist.
He then goes on to talk science. The magic act.
I agree. All of us have it inside of us. It’s a matter of getting it out. How it comes out depends on what kind of external or internal force ignites it. Which door opens.
It can be a compilation of things.
Someone said something, a word hung on – you saw a colour it stayed with you, then a shape before you. Suddenly your brain starts sparking and before you know it a kernel of an idea has hatched.
Soon it evolves. To something you’ve never seen or done before.
Like magic.
Writing a feature story for me is like working a piece of play dough. You shape it. That’s the gathering of the research, the quotes the anecdotes that make the story.
You roll it around, if you want to make it round – you feed it, need it.
Much like the story.
Till you get it just the way you want it.
All things creative are in our soul.
Finding your creative space - in my opinion, is a matter of process. Doing what’s right for you. Doing what feeds your inspiration and your passions. Your creative juice.
Open up and drink it up.


Raymond Parker said...

And then there's the vehicle ... say, like a bicycle, that moves your work forward.

It needs TLC, some lube, a change of bearings occasionally, or a new chain.

You must never let it rust in a garden shed.

A Fresh Thinker said...

So true!