Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Old School Says Who?

Maybe I am a little old fashioned. Although a lot of me has changed with the times.
Heck. I remember using a Telex machine before the now email. I can also recall the first use of the Fax machine, before email and PDFs hit the airwaves.
Yes, I even learned how to type on the manual hand cranker. With the raised keyboards. Granny style now I suppose.
Now I have a MacBook Pro that I carry around with me wherever I go.
Happened to mention to someone today that I’d only just traded in my old film camera equipment so I could get a new digital lens. I worked in newspaper when black and white film was developed in a darkroom. Before the age of digital.
Ironically, this young digital artist had done the exact opposite. I found that surprising and interesting.
Tonight I was bent on finding a video store. You know, the one you can walk around in and look at the covers of ALL of the DVDs currently in the swing. Check out this week's top ten rentals. For curiosity's sake.
As I throw my take on the counter at Rogers reflecting to the cashier that it took me a while to find the store, her reply made me sad.
“We’re one of only two left in Vancouver.”
Sure I download movies and TV shows (I don’t have cable) from iTunes, but it’s not the same.
For starters, I like fondling the covers of the DVD. And watching it on something other then my computer. 
When you rent a DVD you get more then the DVD. I look forward to hanging out and viewing the Special Features.
Nope, I don’t want to spend $25 on individual DVDs to build up a library.
Suppose maybe I am old school… in some ways.

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