Friday, 30 December 2011

You Guys - NOT!

Guess some things never change. Like the slang of the generic greeting by most customer service representatives of this generation.
Mum used to tell off a waitress, especially if she came over to us women and said, “What would you guys like?”
What’s wrong with “Hello people!”
Or hello there?
My typical response when it crosses my eardrums is, “I’m actually a woman, not a guy.”
How and why do you suppose this generation got so hung up on, “You guys?”
I’m stuck on that one.
Just sayin’…


vinee said...

HaHa....I liked reading this one....My teachers India had this problem too...see in hIndi guys means when somebody welcomes us saying 'hello cows' does not seem very pleasant...haha
Oh yes n I came across this girl who loves to start a conversation by saying 'you guys....hey guys'....its so annoying..sheesh

A Fresh Thinker said...

Oh my my, this is SO good to know! Now I will never say "YOU GUYS!"