Monday, 2 January 2012

Ringing in 2012

Not the end – a new beginning
For some it’s time to start over.
Not me. It’s an excuse to celebrate.
I’ve been single for years and often spend New Year’s Eve with family or alone. This year I chose to be amongst strangers.
Multi-media is my new game. So I headed down to the W2 Media Cafe for some strolling.
A large dance floor in the basement, another upstairs. I melted into the crowd. Sussing out the eye candy. I warped my eyes into the charismatic colours all over the screens.
Cruising from one floor to the next I found the views of the faces interesting.
I wasn’t the only fourty plus er in attendance!
Lots of times on New Year’s Eve people talk on self-reflection. Personally, family wise, community and globally.
When I look back I think relevance. Everything that happened had it’s place.
And it’s OK I said to myself to be alone. I accept that.
I also accept and am grateful for everything I’ve done in my life and especially where I am today. I look forward to the future. In my own way, making a difference to the world as best as I can – by being me.
Then this line popped into my head as I danced my way into the New Year.
Be who YOU are and LIVE your dreams.
Then all around you will be fine.
Happy 2012.

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