Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goal Triggers

Can life get boring?
Suppose so, if you make it.
Life can also change without notice.
There’s nothing like saying you’re going to do something. And then doing it.
Call it a goal. A focus or a change of scene.
What makes that happen?
Somebody or something points you in a new direction, perhaps. The realization it’s time to do something different. Maybe, because your heart told you so.
But so often, we don’t listen to our hearts.
I live in la la land a lot. It’s true.
I hold out visions of epic adventures. Hurtling explorations into the divine depths of humanity. Bringing people together.
Explaining one’s dream often swells and pairs up with reality and the word, “HOW and with what?”
Does it really matter?
Not the how, it’s the why. The WHY NOT!
Set some goals, dreams or purposes. Hold on to them.
Never let them go.
Sooner or later, you may come an inch closer to what holds you dear.
Goal triggers.
They can do that.

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