Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Spin Spun Fun

Facebook has it’s advantages. Like planting seeds.
In your head that is.
Somehow I got a LIKE on the new Cadence Spin Studio in Vancouver.
Not sure which “Friend” led me there.
Seems the rage these days. They’re popping up everywhere.
Which is great.
More folks are cycling. Gearing up for the RBC GranFondo Whistler or Kelowna.
Cripey, I started spin classes at the YMCA in Victoria a few years ago now. Remember my son’s father saying, “You’d love them.”
Sure enough, rather then intervals on some side street in the rain - spinning inside is the next best thing.
Pumping tunes. Pedaling energy all around. You’re amongst like-minded passionate cyclists.
They’ve got to be.
Only thing is - the cost.
First class was free for me today. To give the studio a try. I got a wicked Wednesday wake-up with Becky.
Sure I sweat buckets. Loved the new bikes. Music was great. I got a banana afterwards.
But $22 for a drop-in? For 45 minutes.
No question, the rush you feel afterwards is addictive.
As a student, I’ll have to weigh in on my weekly allotment of exercise expenditures.
Minus one Bikram Yoga 90 minute class for one 45 minute spin?
On the positive side, at least you can do drop-ins on either. 

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