Friday, 27 January 2012

Training Love

Can hardly wait for the weekends. Not just because it’s the weekend.
Because I know I can get in a long ride and not feel rushed.
This morning I booted out the door at 5:30am for a Bikram Yoga class. The plan is to set myself up for the pedal to the metal by aligning and strengthening my flexibility.
Balance and core are also key to the build up of mileage
It was magic this morning. I become more tuned into my body each class. I don’t have time for everyday. When I go, it counts.
Since sourcing training programs and speaking with pals, those in the know I’ve come up with a regime that time permitting I plan to stick with.
Doesn’t matter the weather. The weekend rides, back to back slow go, build the base are the light in the sky.
This morning as I bent over eyes to my thighs, sweat rolling down between my legs, head to my knees, I asked my temple to take me there.
I also asked for forgiveness for any bad I’ve done in the past.
There’s only good from now on.
Training love.

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