Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Identity Speaks

It’s who you hang out with that makes your identity.
Or is it?
Certainly to a point.
Suppose you decide next month to change your scope. Immerse yourself into an entirely different crowd.
Would your identity change?
Different surroundings. New faces. An alteration in emotions.
Perhaps you would be different.
What is the essence of who you are? Where does it come from?
Does it start with where you are born? Your family, how you are raised. Schooling. Achievements. Entertainment.
We humans evolve.
This morning I heard on the radio how motivation can improve if you change your scene. Like, who you hang out with.
Sure, a change of scene can do a lot.
Think holidays. Beaches. Turquoise blue ocean. White sandy beaches.
But does this mean we’ve stereotyped ourselves by who we hang out with?
How we define our culture is what is around us.
Who we hang with and what we do.
Is who we are.
How our identity speaks.

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