Saturday, 18 February 2012

Work Out Time

Missed my Monday morning Bikram Yoga class this week. 
Which was bad.
I’d booked five hours in the saddle over the past weekend.
My plan is to practice Monday's and Friday's. Monday's to free up the tightness, Friday's to prepare for the rides.
I’m currently training for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer (cycling 160km a day times two).
Sometimes time can be our enemy.
Same with sleep. We need it. But getting it, is another matter.
Today I got a long run in. First time in a while. 
It was pouring rain. I could of chosen not to go, but instead I geared up and headed out.
Not thinking of anything other then, “At least I’m doing it!” I struggled on.
Running has always been in my life. I love it.
But past injuries like a nagging Achilles injury and snapped Soleus slowed me down.
My goal some day is to run a half marathon. 
I’m at my mum’s this weekend (hence no riding) so my route is one I did when I was twenty pounds lighter (sad, but true - really).
Festering in the wind and the rain, I carefully chose my steps in the grass along the waterfront. All the while saying to myself, “I’m so grateful I can run.”
There comes a point when you haven’t been doing something for a while when your body quickly reminds you of your age.
I felt it.
Then I chuckled to myself. Consistency with running hasn’t been key as of late.
Once the week before. This would be my second time this week.
In the damp I kept telling myself. “I am getting there.”
Then I started to see Robins in the trees. Five of them in one. Spring soon. 
A healthy distraction.
The first hill came. I shortened my stride and stepped in as best I could. Slow.
Get home injury free - the goal.
Then came the time when it felt like I was getting past my comfort zone. To my delight the sky opened up. Not for more rain. For the endorphin rush.
That’s what it’s all about!
Why we get addicted to running, or any other sport for that matter.
Once you’re edging past your comfort zone a whole new set of emotions floods in. And as long as the body is following the mind. You’re OK.
Work out time.
The best.

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