Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cutting Slack

Things go wrong.
Or so we say.
At the time, it may not be what we want. So we reflect, things didn’t go the way we wished.
By fluke yesterday I came home earlier then usual.
Even though I call myself a sailor I had no clue about the Westerly winds that had come up while I twiddled away behind my computer at school.
The temporary slip I’m in doesn’t quite fit dear Cyrus. Sadly she lost some more paint and got a good rubbing on her cap rails.
Made me sad.
I had to head out for errands so I did what I could to secure her better. Tightening in the lines. Tying another on the dock pole.
Some time later I return. It’s getting cold.
Rubbing is still happening.
Then I realize the power is off. I check the dock. Then the boat. There’s sparks and a fizz.
By now it’s dark.
We’ve got batteries for most things. An inverter for the bean grinder.
Unfortunately the fuel tank was close to empty. Which meant the diesel heater wasn’t on. Which meant, no heat.
So I text a pal.
“Day started off great. Power surge fried my electrical so no power now or heat. Are you laughing with me?”
Then I realized I was talking about the “What went wrong.” Not about the "What was alright."
I respond with her care and concern on how I will keep warm.
“Hot tea and a hot water bottle. Was a good thing I didn’t have my computer plugged in!”
And thankfully the fuel dock opens at 8am in the morning.
As I roll to school this morning after fueling up I decide it’s only worth talking about the good. 
Otherwise all we’re going to manifest is bad!


Angela Hemming said...

Jeez, Jane. Time to COME ASHORE.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Working on it!
Boat is for sale. The right person needs to come along...
My friend Vineeta says, "You need to get onto land so you can find yourself a man!"
I laugh cause she also says "I live like a man!"
All the work you have to do on a boat. Just like a house though! (Except mine is affordable waterfront property!)

Duane "Chaos" Nickull said...

If it happens again, come to 3200 block west 6th and I'll grind your beans and pour hot water through them...


A Fresh Thinker said...

Thanks Duane! You ROCK! (and don't you though!)