Sunday, 18 March 2012

Skinny Jeans

Booked six hours in the saddle this weekend.
I’ve learned a lot about my body.
Was close to bonking after the second hour today. Reminded myself to eat every 45 minutes. Tried that yesterday and it got me through.
It also helped to have a destination in mind.
Felt I should reward myself with a coffee at the new Musette Caffe where you can pack your bike in. No worries.
Took me a bit to find it. Was happy when I did.
Must of had a confused look on my face when I rode up. I saw a bunch of harsh locks outside. Was sure I’d read I could roll in.
Couple bike dudes looked down on me through the window. I pointed at my bike and to the door and I got the bring it in nod.
Was gassed when I parked my bike and booked it to the counter. Coffee and some fuel was only on my mind.
First thing I got asked was how my ride was. I elaborated and detailed yesterday’s and today’s. We discussed the wind during yesterday’s Iona Beach roll. I reiterated the tailwinds on the way home. Zoom, zoom, zoom!
There were wooden blocks on the floor as you walked in to park your back wheel. Genius. I’d wondered how they’d fit them in. There was a family, a couple fit cyclists reading Pro Cycling rags and more then a few pairs of riders in gear.
More guys rolled in.
We got to yacking. Where else can you go with your bike and talk saddle routes?
Turns out we had a lot in common. Plus they had a social team. Doing the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer as well.
Small world.
Or is it just we’re cyclists?
We exchanged contacts and I geared up for home. 
Fondly I reflected on my Friday night purchase. I’d bought a new pair of jeans.
If I can keep up this effort of training and nutritional regime, I’ll get the last 20 pounds off. Can hardly wait. Be easier for the ride. And afterwards, I’ll get to wear my skinny jeans.
The ones I bought on Friday night are a size too small.


Angela Hemming said...

Buying skinny jeans a size too small? Woa, that's brave.

A Fresh Thinker said...

They were expensive too. A grand goal!