Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Taking Shape

It’s harder now. Takes longer. Never thought I’d say it.
To work up a sweat.
Already feeling it. Down one for sure. Pant size that is.
The scales don’t lie either. Thirteen pounds to date.
Happy? YES!
Better then that. I feel taller. I feel proud.
Training (cycling), cross-training (running), yoga, meditation and Weight Watchers. It’s working.
There's never enough time to do exactly what I wish for. As long as I keep consistent I tell myself. Then I'm doing OK.
Although tonight when I threw the gym bag on the bench my only thought was Executive (sauna and shower). 
Bag the run in the rain.
Then I sat and contemplated that further.
Yesterday was a nothing day. Monday awash (one of the pitfalls of living on a boat. When there’s a windstorm – you don’t sleep).
Someone walked in. The guilty pang went off.
I got changed. Decided I’d do whatever I felt like when I got going, distance wise.
Truthfully I wanted to cave. Eat dinner. Go to bed. Bag the homework.
Once geared up (for rain and wind) I did the right thing.
Hit the bike for a warm-up, did the stretches, push-ups and core. Then I headed outside for my run.
Injury prevention is huge for me. I plan to go the distance. The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer Challenge Course which is 320kms of cycling over two days in June.
Decided on a different route tonight. Read somewhere it’s good to change things up.
Before I knew it I was 20 minutes in. Slow. But steady.
Then the tunes got real good. Somehow my feet got lifted. I was pumping. Power strikes. Half-way there.
The boot to the finish felt sweet. I dialed 42:27.
You never regret going. You only regret when you don’t go.
Feels so good.
Taking shape.

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