Sunday, 11 March 2012

To Think in Thirds

Notched up some lofty goals for myself last week. Proceeded to plunge into some serious time traps. Instead of beating myself up I’ve resolved to contemplate the week ahead in thirds.
I’ve read it and heard it before. When you’re running a race, for example a marathon - you set yourself incremental goals. The first third, the second, and then to the finish line.
Me, I tend to zoom straight to the finish. In my mind and in my theorizing at the start.
So I set myself up for failure if I’m not conceptualizing my reality.
This week is going to be about daily affirmations and a week in thirds.
Training, school (with homework) and work here I come.


Angela Hemming said...

Ah,good point. When I was training for marathons I'd run 10 minutes, walk one minute. It never occurred to me to use that analogy to help de-stress a busy schedule.

Have a good one!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thanks for reading.
I feel it will help alleviate the stress of the getting there. I'm giving it a go anyway!