Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Story of Life

Everyday is a new story.
An interesting remark made by my friend, Steve who was working on my boat this morning.
Had me reflect on a conversation I had earlier in the week with a young man in the dairy isle at the grocery store.
Initially he remarked to me, as I walked by that the dozen eggs he’d picked up were short one. We concurred we’d never seen that before.
As it happens I was taking my time idling over yogurt and Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. Neither of which came home with me.
This guy is in I would say his early 20’s. Looks well kept, intelligent.
Comes back over to me and declares that on March 22 there is going to be 7 magnitude earthquake. Not necessarily here. Some where in the world.
He goes on to explain the cycles of earthquakes.
This was on Monday.
The following day I am shocked but not entirely surprised to see a news alert that there was a 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Mexico.

So he was a few days early I conclude.
Yesterday was my son’s birthday. His 20th.
I decided since I’ve been learning all things electronic I would compile a digital birthday card for him. It ended up being five minutes long.
If we don’t compile our digital images into something, we may never get a chance to see them. Unless you use a digital photo frame.
Everyday there is a new story to tell. To reflect on. To look back on and to remember.
In our story of life.

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