Saturday, 24 March 2012

Our Life of Abundance

Devise an answer to this question.
What was the best part of your day?
Pickle out the funk. Any frustrations.
Where did you get that ah ha moment?
Was it in the song of a bird? The sight of the sunset? The laughter in your friend’s face? A smile from a stranger?
As I sit here I’m reminded of last night’s Bikram Yoga class.
The teacher spoke of our life of abundance. The topic of food. Do we take too much? Or do we take what we need?
That made me think of the choices we have. All around. Any kind of food. Plentiful monuments of fruits and vegetables that line counter tops and grocery isles. Reams of meat and seafood stocked on shelves.
Does food make us happy? Do you ever have an ah ha moment with food?
In my answer to today’s question, I express gratitude for the exercise I was able to do.
My ah ha was in the huffing and puffing I did to ride up that UBC hill trying super hard to catch the rabbit (another cyclist) in front of me.
Upon reaching the top being able to glide on with the power in my legs all the while drinking up huge gulps of fresh clean air. The air sang spring!
I was fueled by food. I ate what I needed to get me there.
Afterwards I did the same.
But if I didn’t, I’d be zapped by zero.
Zero fuel. Zero energy.
Again I mull what we have and what so many in the world don’t have.
A life of abundance.

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