Tuesday, 24 April 2012

To Push the Edge

Training is a big part of my life these days.
I read a lot. Talk a lot. Sweat a lot.
And I love it.
But there are days when I want to push myself beyond.
Not always do I find a way to do that.
Except for last weekend.
You’ve heard the term Bonked.
It wasn’t that I Bonked. More like I went beyond my threshold of what I thought my body could do.
I so remember at one of the FEAT Talks a runner saying, “The body follows the mind.”
For me I was cycling. I’d already tallied the totals the day before and run as well. Hadn’t eaten enough, clearly. Still went for it. Following my powerhouse cycling pal, @TisCath up some long elevation gains.
It so hurt.
I kept thinking of the Pro Cyclists and the Tour de France.
So I pushed, and I pushed.
Honestly, at one point I didn’t think I could do it. Calling out “Damsel in distress!” came to mind.
“I can do this,” I told myself.
And I did.
Later on it felt great.
To go beyond. 
To push the edge.

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