Friday, 27 April 2012

Just One Pound

It means a lot to me to receive donations from people I have never met.
Less then eight weeks now to the 320km cycling Challenge. The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.
Training has been my mantra. Time now to spin my wheels on reaching my minimum donation goal so I can ride.
I’ve struggled with reaching out.
Initially I heard the event company that organizes the ride takes 70% of the funds raised. That has since been clarified. It's 30%.
The stigma attached to a cycling event sponsored by an oil company wrenched my moral code for the longest time too. Yet, they are helping to raise funds for a painful and heart wrenching disease that has swept through communities and ravaged families for decades. Even mine.
Time to heal the wounds. To help. To do something.
I do know now the BC Cancer Foundation helps and the funds stay here.
When I began this journey there were two things I knew I had to do to get there. Firstly, set up a training regime that would jam into my full-time school/part-time work schedule. Secondly, peel off some pounds to make it all easier.
Thursday’s is my weekly weigh in. I reached a bit of a plateau in the last month. One pound up or no pounds lost. Well, until this week.
Yesterday when I weighed in I was down 1.2 pounds. To date I’ve lost 15.6 pounds. Thanks to the training and the focus to shred some with the help of Weight Watchers on-line.
Even though I’m not at my weight loss goal. I am getting there.
By setting these goals for myself, I am helping myself so I can help others.
My energy is better. I can wear my skinny jeans. My gate is like a thoroughbred. I feel so much lighter on my feet.
Especially this week. 
Even though it was just one pound.

If you'd like to donate to the BC Cancer Foundation through my ride please go here and thank you in advance for helping to find a way to heal the World from Cancer.

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