Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Beat 94.5 Has Bonged

It’s bad enough when you really don’t feel like it, but you know you have to.
Get out of bed that is.
Especially in the mornings when the night has ended up short.
For years during the routine rituals I’ve tuned into The Beat 94.5.
I hear great energy. I get blasted with music I like to listen to. I’m engaged with the banter between Kid Carson and Nira Arora. Hemorrhaging in with Andy the Intern for kicks.
My day is set with something insightful to chew on.
Who has time to read a screen when you are getting ready to bolt out the door?
I also got pumped with anecdotal relationship deets or teased in the entertainment biz world.
But most importantly, I felt the real life of an adult who has grown up with a single mother.
I can relate. My son was raised the same.
But suddenly without warning, there’s no more Kid on The Beat.
Worse yet. No one is saying anything.
The spice has gone. 
No more piping in by Andy the Intern even.
Nira’s laugh is flat. Johnny isn’t pumping it up.
The Beat’s airwaves have flat-lined.
I mull for a week that maybe I just “missed” something.
Then more changes. The afternoon hosts shift to the morning.
Clearly the station is scrambling.
I feel for Holly and Nira.
Where has The Kid gone?
Rumours float he’s got something better. 
His Twitter handle spills out he’s been abducted by Aliens.
OK, Kid. The Beat. If you’re going to steal my morning hum drum, at least give me some warning.
It’s like I’m putting on the wrong shoes in the morning.
Does anyone else feel this way?
The Beat has bonged.

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