Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Outtakes

I’m a sponge. Eager to soak up alternative sources of creative stimuli. New inspiration.
There’s a take for me in every talk.
It’s music in the woods.

Magic is real.
Small conversations can make small changes.
Small talk adds up.
The creative path.
The beauty of uncertainty.
The goal in life is to discover you.
Play with familiarity and then mess it up.
The emotional residence.
Open yourself up.
You have to take chances.
“Believe in what you do, your ideas and you will be successful.”
Do silly and stupid.
“Take the time to live and love.”

Invent your world.
Be the client. Make **** happen.
Document design history of the past.
Dangle your own carrot.
“Get cosmic.”
Work hard.
Say yes.
Do good work for good people.

Creative communities work in a silo.
Find creativity in unexpected places.
“Architecture is social art.”
Refresh yourself. Restore our world.
Glue spaces.
“Spaces where all are welcome.”
What inspires me?
“We can set the table.”
Creating human spaces that stitch together a community.
Who are the culture creators? 
You are.
Change we are in control of.
Understand each other’s area of expertise.

Simple yet powerful outtakes, for me.

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