Wednesday, 30 May 2012

YES I Can!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to my Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. I’ve received emails from folks saying they want to donate. I’m at 77% of my goal!
The event is June 16 & 17th so not much time left.
I urge you to click on the top left link of this blog to donate or click here and thank you SO much for rolling with me!
I appreciate all of you!!

The body does what the mind says.
For the most part.
But if you’re an endurance athlete, as the old saying goes, Mind over Matter – can take on a whole new meaning.
Over the last three weeks I watched with prowess and excitement our Canadian Pro Cyclist, Ryder Hesjedal’s daily achievements in the Giro d’Italia.
On the weekend, I took to the live feeds, even in Italian. What I witnessed was incredible.
There’s a lot of verbiage out there that cyclists, runners and the like use to express when your body starts to tell you, “NO MORE – STOP!”
My favourite is bonking. There’s also gassed, tanked, hit the wall, done and the pain cave of course.
Ryder went beyond. From what I could see. He ignored his body and dug so incredibly deep, beyond the threshold. Into the unimaginable. A place maybe even he had never been before.
This weekend I am doing my first half-marathon. The Victoria Goddess Half-Marathon on Vancouver Island.
I’m super excited and scared. Training. Well, I’ve been more focused on the time in the saddle then the running. Mostly due to a niggling calf scar tissue injury that hasn't left me yet.
Even though, I am going to do it anyway. Taped up. And with these thoughts in mind: if I say I can - I WILL!
When the going gets tough, I’m going to think about Ryder and what he did.
Focus on the finish.
YES I can!

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