Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Pal ICE!

"You really know what you’re made of. You run, but you’re sore, but you keep on running." 
Deborah Joel on completing a half-marathon.

My FIRST Half-Marathon (21.7km)!
Photograph by my person pal, Catherine Clarke.
Not once did I consider stopping or walking. For real. I ran the whole way.
My legs conquered the hills. No surprise given my hours of uphill cycling rolls.
There were harsh long hills on this course too. They didn’t bother me!
But the ladies passing me on the flats did.
One tussled up gal called me “Steady Eddy!”
What a course. What a feeling. What a dream come true. I DID IT!
No question the lack of training was felt. Especially in the hips.
When the 20km mark came up, I was already celebrating.
This course was actually 21.7km. Longer then most half-marathons.
But given the participants – all women – we didn’t mind.
Especially with the token finish. 
Firemen, a necklace and chocolate!
It was the Victoria Goddess Run
Consuming a Sunday bit for me, since I had to spin around and head home shortly afterwards.
Walking down the stairs on the ferry to the lower car deck for my quick escape to get first in line for the bus was funny.
“Ouch, ouch, OUCH!”
Work was also a challenge on Monday. Walking, going down stairs – absolute agony. Not to mention sitting down on the toilet.
Up – no problem!
I took to walking backwards down the stairs.
Today I rode my bike to work and felt fine. Super glad yesterday was over.
On tippy toes last night I got off the bus and toed my way over to Save-On Foods for a bag of ice. Which I lay on my legs, even on the row home.
Shortly afterwards it was separated into zip-locks for naked comfort to my thighs.
A good night’s sleep and come Tuesday - today, yup I’m as good as new.
Thanks to my pal, ICE!

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