Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Doe Ditty Dumb

Not sure where it came from. The title that is. It just popped into my head.
Been missing writing my blog posts. Too much life expectancies getting in the way. Some things take over. Mash up all the rest.
The big weekend is coming up. The moments I’ve been training so hard for.
I’m ready. Made the quota on the minimums. Grateful for my mama for reaching out to her circles.
The legs feel good. Here’s hoping the rancid chest cold leaves me before Friday.
There can be a flop when you stretch yourself hard towards one goal. Questionable intentions. Got me to wrangling three in one month.
Yes, June is busy. The Victoria Goddess Half-Marathon run to start things off. Coming up to the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, followed by the 140km Tour de Victoria.
As the DH’ers in my life (Downhill Mountain Bikers) would say. I’m dialed!
Knowing what all of this has done for me is the lift. Weight loss, fitness, focus. Time for training. Then some more.
Tonight I’m on the steel commuter rolling home. The smell is in the air. Trying to act like spring. The drizzle softens the haze of the worshipped green all around.
Who would of thought I’d of spent all this time outside come rain or come shine?
As the droplets christen the sea the dimples of the moon or the sun warp the surface as each oar rows me home.
My journey is peaceful. The sound of an oar-lock rocking to the catch of the water.
At least it’s not cold like December. There were a lot of wet, long and cold training rides. Many damp and frosty runs. 
The time was worth it. 
Ready or not, here we come!
The forecast for the weekend is for rain. Warm temperatures filled with lots of spring rain.
No matter.
It will be a doe ditty dumb.
Whatever that means.

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