Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rolling Naked

Hood ornaments are for cars. Helmets are for cyclists.
I forgot mine this morning. 
Which was a shock. Given it’s an everyday fashion item. Grocery shopping even.
Funny it was not. 
Especially since I’d spent the previous day prompting casual suggestions to the teenage blondies who weren’t wearing theirs.
Problem was, I’d already rowed away from the boat. Time was tight to get to work. So I decided to take the chance. To be careful.
Fortunately my comfort was in a conversation I’d had some years ago with a couple who were cycling around the world. They too were rolling naked.
Helmetless that is.
When I asked them where their helmets were they replied, “At home.”
“Where’s home?” I asked.
“Amsterdam,” they replied.
No helmet laws there. It’s by choice.
Given I’d had my own mishap just over a year ago, I cycled cautiously.
“Not going down!” I repeatedly muttered to myself.
Guess it was the hair. I’d had a good wash and wanted to hit the follicles with the flattener before work. Gus up a bit for the day.
It was a really weird feeling riding without my helmet.
Thankfully I got through the day.
Rolling naked.
But I won't do that again!

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