Friday, 4 January 2013

The Flight of Fear

It can swallow us whole.
Eat us.
Our response to a trigger inside. Something the brain tells us.
To leave.
Be afraid of.
Wilt away from.
Unable to face.
Is it anxiety or an emotion?
Inside of us the turmoil rips and tares.
It stings.
Resting heavy.
Akin to the darkness of the night.
Intuitively, you know. Soon this fear shall pass.
Yet, our heart plays tricks.
The mind says so. The body listens.
But, like the surge of an airplane taking off. We can also choose to let it go.
To leave it behind.
Watch the gush of water sparkling over shiny rocks in a forest flowing steadily downstream. 
There is no turning back.
Stand tall.
Let it go.
Feel how the love of the Universe abounds.
Look up.
Let the stars in the sky take the flight of your fears away.

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