Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wake Up World!

It’s a New Year! Welcome 2013.
I’m getting comfortable wearing reading glasses. Number ones.
Last week I put on compression socks.
No, I’m not 65. I have merely admitted they help to heal.
I need to stay active!
Last month I bought new bras. It had been a while. Somewhere I’d read your bra, particularly the sporting kind – shouldn’t celebrate a birthday. I regret in both cases mine had.
In a conversation with my Aunty Lil, I was informed most women wear the wrong size. I was pretty sure I was the size that I knew last. So I’d tootled down to The Bay for the sale and grabbed what I thought was the right fit.
It may have been when I was 13.
The lovely woman at the change room told me after my third in and out she could help me. A couple more in and outs and one more personal viewing fitting and I was done.
Boy did I look good! Propped and proper like! Never would of imagined the difference a new bra makes.
So 2012 is gone. Lots has happened. The evolution of the human spirit continues to grow. Mine and yours along with it.
But it needs work.
The human spirit that is.
I have concluded that in order to work on it, we must first work on ourselves. Starting with a check-in on the most valuable asset we own. 
Our health.
To wrap up 2012 I went for a Mammogram, and the dreaded Pap Smear. Because I am a woman. For men, obviously there are different tests to concern yourselves with. 
All, preventative measures.
At the same time I confirmed my exercise goals and training plans for 2013.
Then I downloaded the iPhone app LIFT (thanks to the The Suitcase Entrepreneur for that hot tip. Check out the The Project Program ad top left of this page!).
LIFT and I do evening couch time dialogue. Setting habits like: “Do something creative,” and “A walk in the Woods” besides the usual “Run” and “Upper Body Workout” etc. etc.
I didn't need to add the habit of gratitude. I automatically practice gratitude in the morning when I wake up and when I am in bed before I go to sleep. Even when I walk down the street. It’s something I share inside in my head constantly without having to be reminded.
I'm better at practicing gratitude then I am at brushing my teeth.
However, to develop new or good habits, it helps to have reminders and check-ins for accountability.
But what it really boils down to is this.
Without our health, we have nothing. 
Make 2013 about being healthy, being you, nourishing your creative spirit, and developing healthy habits. 
Then we too, can help grow the human spirit.
To make a World full of love.
A World full of the good life. 
A World filled with peace.

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