Thursday, 14 March 2013

Save BC Film

Twas second hand information. Supposedly a fact.
Brad Pitt was coming to Vancouver to shoot a movie.
Not unknown for YVR. Celebrities making movies here. We’ve had a few.
Imagine the snowball economic affect a movie with a star of this caliber would have on our city!  
He wouldn’t travel alone. Nope. Brad Pitt would not travel alone. My logistic mind thinks he’d bring some of his family and/or friends. A few assistants. 
Fan groupies could likely follow. Maybe Paparazzi. Hollywood press types. Entertainment Tonight.
Wonder if he'd rent a house or an upscale full-on hotel suite. Order room service. Or bring his own chef. 
Likely there'd be a production office. Along with all the technical requirements involved – probably hire a few locals to help out. I bet there’d be flowers. Deliveries of a traveller’s home conveniences; such as dry-cleaning, electronics, entertainment – besides all the usual meals, coffee and tea necessities.
Am betting he would visit a restaurant while here. Maybe an art gallery. Possibly a gym. In Brad's interest, some furniture stores.
You have to wonder what kind of cha
-ching they would spend on a night out don’t you? Am figuring that someone who makes millions on movies certainly wouldn’t live like a student when they’re working somewhere other then home. 
Oh, but Vancouver was passed over on that movie deal with Brad Pitt to shoot here. Something to do with their budget and our Tax Credits? 
Do you think if all the studios that we've built sit empty they'll get turned into furniture stores?
"Start the car! Start the car!"

Then the recent hearsay, we get it back through our own homegrown indigenous manifestos.
Oh yeah. Here's hoping. 

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