Saturday, 17 August 2013

Soul Callings

I see purple. Then I smile.
Our guided spiritual practice comes from within.
Life is school. Really. 
We grow into ourselves over time. Who we are becomes one. Much like our heartbeat. 
We give and we take. We absorb, digest and process. 
I know I’ve grown up. Or into. 
Waking up in the dark has never been my strong point. Over time, I’ve come to realize my truths. Making 20 minutes in the morning after I put my feet on the ground for a spiritual practice guides my day into opportunities with the best possible outcomes. 
I’m positive. I am free. No judgement. No comparison to anyone else. No ego. Only love and compassion. 
First it is a tall glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and bit of cayenne pepper. I drink it up and thereafter I’m awake. (The Kick Ass coffee comes later).
If it’s a run day I‘m doing it anyway. The Five Tibetan Rites. Once the spine releases and is elongated (I always feel taller after I do these), I move to my pillow for my meditations. First three chimes of my Tibetan bells. Then three minutes of a Kundalini Meditation for Prosperity which was taught to me by Gabrielle Bernstein. Where I visualize and feel prosperity. The debts are gone. Zero. My health is my wealth. 
If I can make the time after, I’ll go for 20. If I can't, I’ll set the timer and go as long as I feel the need. Sometimes it’s two minutes, other times it is six. 
Whatever I have the time to feel in the moment. It doesn't matter how long, it matters that you do it.
I shower myself in white light. Thinking and feeling the love. Spreading it to others. Asking the spirit guides for forgiveness, to myself and to others. 
Developing your own spiritual practice, however long or short it needs to be can culminate into being the absolute highlight of your day.
Trust me on this.

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