Wednesday 7 September 2011

Mind Eruptions!

Like a kid, I’m a sponge. Soaking it all in.
Tell me this tell me that. It goes in and comes out.
Sometimes with a question.
Gotta love the standard governing line in class. It came up yesterday and today.
“Have you Googled it?”
Heard a knee slapper a while back. 
Husband decides to tear apart the bathroom in the middle of the night. Stumbles when it comes to the piping.
A couple dozen You Tubes later he’s thinking he’s got it figured.
The story goes on. But can’t you just see it?
Rolling through You Tube videos to figure it all out.
Sure enough though, chances are if you Google a question you have, someone else probably did too.
Boy oh boy. It’s all at our fingertips. Technology is smooth. Access it anywhere on the mobiles now too.
I’m sitting in class today thinking to myself, this is going to go on and on. Holy wow!
Holy mind eruptions!

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