Monday, 26 December 2011

Blue Collar, White Collar – Yellow Collar?

Had a conversation today, which brought about a bit of a gap.
We were speaking about the employment of a couple we know. Both happened to be in the blue collar sector.
That begged my question.
If you’re not a white collar, say office worker – nor a blue collar say labouror… then what are you?
Say you’re an artist. What collar colour does that make you?
Had a knee slapper the other day when my sink was plugged and I complained about it to my mother (aged 74), she replied by text with, “Ask the experts… Google.”
Of course tonight when I Googled white collar workers, I thought for fun maybe an artist would be a purple collar worker.
Not so.
Apparently a purple collar refers to someone who sells marijuana.
A red collar worker is someone in China.
Which left in my mind a yellow collar
Yes, yellow collars are for us creative types.
So you know.

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